Programme 2018

Provisional programme CONSOLFOOD 2018

22nd January 2018

08:30 Registration and reception
09:00 Opening session
  Session O1 (moderator: Eduardo A. Rincón Mejía)
09:15   A parabolic solar cooking device developed in Lesotho, Southern Africa
Ivan D. Yaholnitsky, Lesotho
09:40 Solar concentrators for community cooking and autoclaving
Ajay Chandak, Rahul Kulkarni, India
10:05 Modelling, testing and parametric analysis of a parabolic solar cooking system with heat storage for indoor cooking
N. Mbodji, A. Hajji, Morocco
10:30 Photovoltaic solar cooking with thermal energy storage (TES)
A.Lecuona, D. Victoria, J.A. Perteguer, E. García-Arés, Spain
Solar cooker as a public furniture. Thermal modeling
A.Lecuona, E. de la Rocha, J. I. Nogueira, Spain
11:00 Break for solar "caroffee", "carotea" and carob cake
11:30 Break for solar coffee and tea and cooking lunch control
  Session O2 (moderator: Dave Oxford)
11:40   Innovative solar cabinet dryers for rural application in food processing products
R. Shyamala, India
11:55 Application of solar technologies for the dehydration of indian walnut (marañon seed: anacardium occidentale) produced in the state of Campeche, Mexico
Margarita Castillo Téllez, Juan Carlos Ovando Sierra, Francisco Lezama Zárraga, Beatríz Castillo Téllez, Mexico
12:20 Combined membrane and solar drying technologies for fruit preservation in Mozambique
Ricardo Bernardo, Henrik Davidsson, Pia Otte, Randi Phinney, Lucas Tivana, Sewden, Norway, Mozambique
12:45 Solar lunch
14:15 Poster session P1 (see poster list PL1)
15:30 Session O3 (moderator: Bernhard Müller)
11:40   Networking to advance the use of solar cookers as educational tools in the classroom
Mary Buchenic, Jennifer Gasser, USA
The task of creating programs to promote solar cooking
Jennifer Gasser, Mary Buchenic, USA
15:55 RECOSOL the Iberoamerican network on solar cookers and solar ovens
Pedro Serrano Rodríguez, Chile
16:20 Evolution of solar cooking technology in India and way ahead
Deepak Gadhia, India
17:00 Short break for solar "caroffee", "carotea" and carob cake
  Session O4 (moderator: Kedar Mehta)
17:30   Design and development of novel solar still for production of potable water
Manoj S Soni, Ravish Kumar, Angad Singh Dhamija, India
17:25 From development aid towards an economic factor: sustainable production of clean cookstoves in Madagascar
Christian Frost, Switzerland
09:15 to
Exhibition of different types of solar cookers, solar dryers and other equipment related to solar food processing outside in the courtyard, weather permitting

Poster List PL1

P1   Hybrid solar cookers, two models
Pedro Serrano Rodríguez, Chile
P2   The solar cooker Tolokatsin V
Eduardo A. Rincón-Mejía, Mexico
P3   Concrete funnel solar cooker: experiences with making and cooking
Jignesh R. Mehta, India
P4   100 SUNS: A low-cost DIY solar cooker
Amogh Sahaje, India
P5   New design of box type solar cooker
Kota Anjaneyasarma, India
P6   Development of a permanent solar cooker for the UK - Convenience, reliability and safety
Dave Oxford, Stewart MacLachlan, UK
P7   Simple method to measure heat transfer in solar cookers
Pedro Serrano Rodríguez, Chile
P8   A comparison of Copenhagen solar cookers with other similar sized panel cookers
Sharon Clausson, USA
P9   Thermal performance evaluations, energy savings and payback periods of a box-type solar cooker in Ibadan, Nigeria
Ademola K. Aremu, Olaoluwa S. Awotunde, Nigeria
P10   Solar cooking using the box type and funnel type cookers under Indian conditions
Anasuya Ganguly,Saurav Mehta,Srikanth Mutnuri, India
P11   Experimental comparison of different solar oven prototypes adapted to rural zones of the Ecuadoran coast,
E. Delgado P, Cristina Cabo, Juan Bello, Angeles López Agüera, Ecuador, Spain
P12   Design, realisation and experimentation of a solar cooker fitted with an ellipsoidal concentrator: preliminary results of cooking tests
Siaka Touré,Modibo Sidibé, Ivory Coast
P13   Comparative performance of two parabolic solar cookers: influence of a glass cubic box
Modibo Sidibé, Toure Siaka, Diomande Idrissa, Ivory Coast
P14   Testing the SUNTASTE, a new box type solar cooker built out of cork
Ailton Tavares, Afonso Cavaco, Manuel Collares-Pereira, Nuno Oliveira Martins, Portugal
P15   Solar ovens built with very basic materials found in rural areas
Margarita Mediavilla, Spain

23rd January 2018

    Session O5 (moderator: Juan Bello Llorente)
09:00   Beam steering lens array for solar cooking
Håkon J. D. Johnsen, Ole Jørgen Nydal, Jan Torgersen, Norway
09:25   Heliac solar cooker
Sedi L. Byskov,Karsten Dupont, Gideon P. Caringal, Maria Matschuk, Henrik Pranov, Denmark
09:50   Hot stone cooking with an ultralight membrane solar concentrator
Fernando Chacon, Douglas Baillie, Daniel Müller, Paul Gießler, Portugal
10:15   Solar restaurant Le Presage
Aubert Pierre-André, France
10:40   Solar Cookers International: how the performance evaluation process contributes to global gains in solar cooking
Alan W. Bigelow, Julie L. Greene, USA
11:05   Break for "caroffee", "carotea" and carob cake
    Session O6 (moderator: Stewart MacLachlan)
11:50   Simulation of a solar assisted counterflow tunnel dehydrator
A. Carrillo-Andrés, J.M. Sojo-Gordillo, Spain
12:15   Development of a large capacity orange bagasse dehydrator
Eduardo Rincón Mejía, Bernd Weber, Mexico
12:50   Solar lunch
14:15   Poster session P2 (see poster list PL2)
    Session O7 (moderator: Jignesh R. Mehta)
15:20   Hybrid solar drying system BLACK BLOCK ®
Gonçalo C. Martins, Portugal
15:30   DryEcoMate - An horticultural dehydrator, using solar thermal and photovoltaic energy, low cost production, modular and portable
João Garcia, J.Pássaro, R.Rosado,L.Coelho, M. Ley, J.Rodrigues, P.Madureira, Portugal
15:40   Introduction of solar drying by NGO Narmada in Nimar region of Madhya Pradesh state of India under the guidance of BARC, GOI.
Raghav S Deosthale, Shankar Kewat, India
16:05   Development of solar dryers, Cuban experience for food preservation
Boris Albrech Zaldívar Núñez, Glensy Palay Alonso, Cuba
16:30   Break for "caroffee", "carotea" and carob cake
    Session O8 (moderator: Francisco Javier Macías Fuentes)
17:00   Concentrated solar thermal integration into spice roasting industry: an energy analysis of an indian masala manufacturing facility
Tavish W. Fenbert, Vishal Sardeshpande, USA, India
17:25   Father Himalaya solar furnaces: optical principles, technologies and lineage
Jean-Jacques Serra, Jacinto Rodrigues, France, Portugal
09:15 to
Exhibition of different types of solar cookers, solar dryers and other equipment related to solar food processing outside in the courtyard, weather permitting

Poster List PL2

P16   Analysis of solar cooking in relation to food sovereignty
Bailey Jannika, Quiroga V. Noelia, Raimondo Emilia, Esteves Alfredo, Argentina
P17   Challenges in promoting solar cookers in India: social acceptance, cooking habits and technologies
Neha Mehta, Kinjal Pandya, India
P18   Drying of solids: solar dryer with thermal reserve
Álvaro Eduardo Lentz Herrera, Alfredo Divanny López Catalán, Mexico
P19   Solar drying - a gigantic opportunity to combat hunger and poverty
Bernhard S. Müller, Germany
P20   Design, Construction and optimization of a renewable energy based solar dryer
E. Delgado P, Angeles López Agüera, Ecuador, Spain
P21   Solar thermal panel prototype using up-cycled materials
C. Cabo, A. Lopez-Agüera, Spain
P22   Enhanced methods to accelerate the dissemination of solar cookers
Faustine Odaba, Kenia
P23   Sharing government perspective and participation in promoting Solar Cooking in India
Suresh Ruparel, India
P24   10th grade high school physics education via solar cooking
Hezi Yizhaq,Daniel Feuermann, Israel
P25   Searching for the relevant scale for food transformation in dense urban areas in France
Cathelineau Vincent, Genin Chloé, De Maria Arnaud, Bertin Kévin, France
P26   My story of solar ovens
Júlio Piscarreta, Portugal
P27   Soil pasteurization in the UK - a new job for solar cookers
Dave Oxford ,Stewart MacLachlan, UK
P28   Purification of water using solar energy
Avinash Reddy, Srikanth Mutnuri, India
P29   Design and construction of a solar stove with energy storage with PCM material
G. Sánchez-Vega, J. Pineda-Piñón, Mexico
P30   The broken promise of solar cooking. The case of Goudoubo Refugee Camp in Burkina Faso
Isabella Troconis, UK
P31   Design, realization and test of a portable solar box cooker with booster mirrors
Giovanni Di Nicola, Gianluca Coccia1, Sebastiano Tomassetti and Mariano Pierantozzi, Italy
P32   LAZOLA solar box cookers - a unique manufacturing concept
Jo Hasler, Christian Fenner, Michael Bonke, Germany
P33   Solar tandoor: a hybrid solar oven
Abid Karim, Pakistan
P34   Solar coffee solar chocolat
Miguel, Peru

24th January 2018

09:15 to
Exhibition of different types of solar cookers, solar dryers and other equipment related to solar food processing outside in the courtyard, weather permitting
9:00 to 10:00   Round table
Dissemination of solar cooking, solar drying and other solar food processing technologies. problems, obstacles and solutions (Faro declaration of intent)
10:00 to 12:00   Networking between participants
9:00 to 12:00   Solar cookers in action preparing "caroffee", "carotea", carob cake and lunch
12:30   Solar lunch
14:30   Closing session


Whenever possible, food for lunches and tea/coffee breaks will be prepared using solar thermal energy during conference days

Solar cooking users, designers, enthusiasts are encouraged to come with their solar cookers and ingredients to be cooked at Campus da Penha. Interested people should contact the organizing committee for more details.